Amira Salahiddin


Amira Salah Iddin

Amira is a highly qualified and motivated pianist and teacher, who has taught piano, vocals guitar and music theory since her qualification from Helwan University, Faculty of Music Education, in 2007.

Amira completed her master’s degree in Piano, she has taught and lectured in many music schools in Egypt, as well as lecturing at Helwan university. Her wide experience includes tutoring students for examination at Trinity College, London and also for examinations at London Music School. Her first instrument is piano however, she also has experience with guitar, flute, recorder and xylophone.

She also completed her PhD in the philosophy of music education, Amira brings a wide range of experiences and expertise to Tempo Music Academy. As well as her expertise in practical music, she also has a deep understanding of music theory and analysis, harmony, counterpoint and a history of music.

She feels happy when she works with kids, and she is also believe that there is no age to learn music.